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    Cool Toys and Gadgets

    There are so many options of toys and gadgets in the market that it's so hard to choose which ones are the best. So together with my five-year-old son, we review and recommend various of toys and gadgets kids and parents alike will enjoy.

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    Read your child a book

    Share an adventure with your child by getting lost in a wonderful bedtime stories. Childhood memories are the ones that will remain for a lifetime.

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    Fun and Educational Apps

    Nothing sounds better than listening to your kids giggling. These fun apps will keep them entertained while sparking their imagination. Just sit back and listen to them laugh.


    Creating childhood memories

    Creating childhood memories takes a lot of effort. I told my son that his job is to play, learn and have lots of fun. As a parent, I need to pave the way for him to do his job. This blog is about discovering 1000+ ways for parents and kids to play, learn and have lots of fun.